Project Brief: Optical Tension at Breakfast

November 14, 2008 § Leave a comment

Structural experimentation with found objects. Utilizing the below resources and an area of living quarters, create a structure from objects found, not bought. Utilize the space that is allowed and offer the material to flow into the every day affairs of the dwellers of the household. Consider texture, color and composition to work with the area provided and how it interacts with daily affairs.

The pieces must have some significance inspired by the below references and their way of art making. Further study of artists is required. All process must be recorded through imagery and documentation. A blog is a practical place for this.

The Blanton Museum of Art

Blanton Museum of Art presenting exhibition of work by Park Place Gallery

Artists as Resource:

  • Mark di Suvero
  • Peter Forakis
  • Robert Grosvenor
  • Anthony Magar
  • Forrest Myers

Note about Resources:
Park Place artists were united by their multifaceted explorations of space. Their abstract paintings and sculptures, with dynamic geometric forms and color palettes, created optical tension, and were partially inspired by the architecture and energy of urban New York. The group regularly discussed the visionary theories of Buckminster Fuller, Space Age technologies, science fiction, and the psychology of expanded perception, and these ideas become essential to their work.

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